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How To Construct a Profile That Draws Your Ideal Partner Like A Magnet

Successful senior dating is much easier in this networked world. What used to be like looking for a needle in a haystack has been transformed through the power of the computer into an enjoyable task with a high chance of success.

However, to get the best out of online senior dating you need a system. By setting up a simple system, you'll have a much better chance of meeting the person who's really right for you. So how do you start?

When you're preparing to go online to look for love, you first need to define your ideal partner and what kind of relationship you're looking for. Remember there are tens of thousands of potential partners online and it's easy to get distracted or overwhelmed.
Your next task is one of the most important considerations in online senior dating and also one that many people neglect - preparing your profile. Your profile is your calling card, your advertisement, your resume, in short, your essence, so it makes sense to do it properly.  If someone is attracted to your profile, they'll probably be attracted to you and vice versa. A profile is a way to filter out incompatible partners. Here are some tips on how to prepare your profile for your online dating experience.

First, you have to choose a handle. This is your online nickname and the first thing that prospective partners will see next to your photograph. A good handle should capture who you are but also protect your anonymity. You've got 2-3 words to work with so you need to be creative.

Feel free to be a poet, even a little alliteration can work wonders. You could include one of your passions – bewitched by bartok or tennis buff. Another good idea is to include your hometown.  'Sleepless in Seattle' snared Meg Ryan. Try 'Bashful in Basingstoke' or the like. You can also put in your profession or some aspect of your personality you'd like to stress. One point to consider is that a recent survey revealed that handles conveying playfulness or attractive physical features got good results.

After your handle, you usually have to put in an introductory message. You're limited to a dozen or so characters here so you need to choose your words wisely. This part of the profile is extremely important. It's your elevator pitch and determines if someone is going to go on and read your full profile and hopefully get in touch with you. Here are some tips.
Try to be original and catchy but make sure it's clear and understandable. Some people like a little mystery but most people searching for love online want to know who they're dealing with. Above all, keep it upbeat and avoid sexual connotation.

Now let's look at the body of the profile. The two essential pieces of advice are - be natural and be honest. It's essential that you come across as completely natural in your profile and not come across like a classified ad. The best way to do this is to imagine sitting down in a relaxing place, say a coffee shop, opposite your ideal partner.

Then just word your profile as you would talk to him or her. It's a good idea to first brainstorm some lists of your qualities, quirks, likes and dislikes so you'll be well-prepared. To start off, jot down a list of five things you like doing and just expand on that as you would to a trusted friend. Write down your thoughts and this will be the basis of your profile.

So much for the facts of your profile, now let's consider the tone. One thing you have to do in your profile is to be upbeat. If you come across as a despairing loser, you're not going to get much interest. Your potential partners are probably insecure enough already and are not looking to offer emotional support from the outset.

Humour, too, is one of the vital qualities that your potential partner is looking for. In surveys about the favourite qualities in the opposite sex, most respondents rate a sense of humour very highly.

You need to be careful not to overdo things, though. Unless you have the talent of Jim Carrey, continually straining for comic effect is likely to tire your potential partner very quickly. Just follow the advice above and be natural.

Other than space requirements, there's no set rule for writing profiles. So feel free to spread your wings a little. After all, you want your personality to shine out. And if they’re not impressed, they're probably not for you anyway. Have a look at for senior singles you might like to get to know.

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