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10 Top Dating Tips for Mature Singles

Dating in the middle to later years of your life can be very hard particularly if one is feeling out of practise. Perhaps you are widowed or a divorcee in either case finding that special someone the second time around can be a daunting prospect but remember it can also be fun and very rewarding.


So if you are feeling a little out of step with dating etiquette or you are just lacking the confidence to get started - The ten dating tips below can help the over 50s to get back on track and back on the dating scene.


  1. Make the mental readjustments! This is a particular issue for older singles; you have probably become fixed in a routine of life that either revolves around work or family commitments. So break out of the box and give yourself the time you need for yourself to look for love.
  2. Think Positive! Being negative sends out the wrong message; no one wants to date a grumpy person. If you allow thoughts of your previous partner to get in the way of new relationships it will not help you. Or if you feel no one will find you attractive anymore you will certainly not be exuding positive attitude. Try a visualisation trick – give yourself ten minutes everyday to dream that you have met the right someone and you are so happy together, allow yourself to believe it has happened already. You will be surprised at how the power of positive thinking will have a direct effect on your magnetism.
  3. Smile and laugh! You will be amazed at what a great feeling this gives you as people react and respond to you. Always give the perception that you are warm and friendly as this is an attractive feature. The opportunity to flash a brilliant smile on a first date might be just around the corner.
  4. Keep your options open at first! - Multi-date and arrange to meet up with lots of different people. If you get too wrapped up in the first person you meet it will mean that very quickly the dating fun is over and you won’t have met enough people to make a really informed choice. Keep your options open until you have been seeing someone for a couple of months, then you can agree together on the exclusivity of the relationship.
  5. Be open minded! Try not to have a predetermined idea about what shape, size colour your partner will be. Statistics show many people who have settled with a partner admit their choice was never the sort of person they thought they would go for.
  6. No agendas! The worst thing you can do is put pressure on someone you have been dating to commit whole heartedly from the start. On the other hand if there are commitment issues that you are not comfortable with after a period of time then he/she probably isn’t right for you.
  7. Choose wisely! With the point above in mind – do select someone who will understand your commitments to work and family, someone who will enjoy the same things as you. If you like cruising then don’t choose someone who gets seasick and doesn’t enjoy travelling. Similarly with location don’t choose someone who lives the other side of the country if you already know that travelling the distance regularly will not be possible.
  8. Always look your best! – Yes of course personality is key but first impressions count and it is always flattering when your date has made an effort. Keep fit, read a lot and keep your mind active to ensure you have interesting conversation. All these things will make you feel more confident and you will often find people will be more drawn to you anyway.
  9. Get some objective advice! Get your friends and family to tell you how you come across – This can be a real eye opener especially if you haven’t dated for a while. Use this information to your advantage - You are never too old to adapt your social skills. For example if you know you have trouble listening to others you can keep this in the back of your mind on the date and try to be the best listener ever.
  10. Don’t be scared of online dating sites. Thousands and thousands of people find love online everyday. It’s just escalating your chances of finding the right person for you in a lot less time. There are so many sites to choose from but if you are over fifty and would like to try online dating; register with us for free at Online Senior dates.

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